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Records made accessible through Tasglann nan Eilean Siar


Unless otherwise stated, the following archive collections are stored in Stornoway.  Subject to their physical condition making them suitable to travel, they may be made accessible through the Comhairle’s library and museum service across the islands.  Full catalogues are available on request.


            1          Local Government Records

            2          Schools

            3          Deposited records

            4          Other sources



Stornoway Parish Council

Established in 1845, Parishes (or Parochial Boards as they started out) were responsible for raising and administering poor relief.  Stornoway Parish Council was abolished in 1930 with its powers transferring to Lewis District Council.

Minute Books 1845-1923

Stornoway Parish Council minute book/Lewis Public Assistance Joint Committee minute book/Lewis Public Assistance Joint Committee minute book 1930-1943 (closed for 75 years)

Landward Committee minute book 1895-1930

Assessment Rolls 1905-1927

General Registers of the Poor 1849-1930

Applications for parochial relief 1889-1930

Unadmitted and unascertained cases of settlement 1855-1927

Children’s separate register 1910-1914 (closed until 2014)

Children’s separate register 1913-1929 (closed until 2029)


Stornoway Town Council/Burgh of Stornoway

Police Commissioners of the Burgh of Stornoway scroll minute book 1864-1882

Police Commissioners of the Burgh of Stornoway no 1-4 1863-1901

Town council of the Burgh of Stornoway minute books no 5-37 1901-1975

Indexes to minutes of the Town Council of the Burgh of Stornoway Vols 21-34, 36 1941-1968, 1971-1972

Burgh/Town Clerk Letter Books 1864-1929

Press Cuttings 1950’s

Society of Town Clerks of Scotland newsletters, circulars, memoranda etc 1953-1968

Declaration de fideli administraione offci by Town Councillors 1874-1974

Register of Statutory disclosures and notices by members of the Council 1939-1974

Treasurers Letter Book 1895-1906

Abstract of Accounts 1901-1975

Assessment ledgers 1864-1922

Combined cash and receipts book 1953-1974

General assessment account books 1912-1922

Council Cash Books 1922-1972

Treasurers/Chamberlain’s cash books 1894-1973

Treasurers Housing Cash Book 1927-1946 (closed for 75 years if personal data is included)

Milk distributing depot cash book 1923-1928

Town Hall lets cash book 1929-1948

Rent ledger 1904-1935 (75 year closure if personal data is included)

Loan ledger 1903-1941 (closed for 75 years if personal data is included)

Housing ledger 1927-1952 (closed for 75 years if personal data is included)

Loan ledger for housing 1931-1941 (closed for 75 years if personal data is included)

Loan ledger 1941-1947 (closed for 75 years if personal data is included)

Common good fund account books 1929-1962

Common good cash book 1929-1952

Assessment rolls 1904-1973

Roads Record minutes 1890-1900

Stornoway Highway Ledger 1892-1922

Water ledger 1892-1899

Sewer Ledger 1899-1922

Stornoway Municipal buildings ledger 1898-1922

Public health minutes 1875-1900

Burgh clerks letter book 1874-1903

Public health ledger 1913-1922

Dean of Guild Court Records Minute book 1947-1965

Index to register of plans and book of plans of the Burgh of Stornoway 1893-1934

Burgh of Stornoway record of plans 1893-1934

Register of plans 1935-1964

File of forms of application for planning permission 1930-1947

Register of new housing provided under housing (Scotland) Act 1930 1931-1937 (75 year closure if personal data is included)

Register of new houses provided by local authority 1935-1937

Register of new houses 1937-1957

Register of new houses retained for temporary accommodation 1956-1957

Housing register 1928-1967 (75 years closure)

Register of rents of dwellings, improved with assistance 1953-1969 (75 years closure)

Register of bonds 1872-1969

Minute Book from Coulregrein House 1938-1970 (check for personal data)

Index of minutes from meetings in Coulregrein House 1948-1970

List of inmates and staff (was interleaved into the dietary classification book of Lewis Combination Poor House) October 1967

Dun Berisay Minutes and Agenda 1961-1970

Police Court Register of Cases 1957-1979

Stornoway Public Library Committee Minute Books 1906-1917

Library Ledgers 1905-1949

Cash Book 1943-1947

Contributions to fund for reconstruction of municipal and public library buildings 1927-1939

Lewis District Committee

The District Committee was established in 1890, undertaking functions on behalf of Inverness-shire County Council.  Its main responsibilities included roads and bridges and various local amenities that fell outwith the Parish Council’s remit.  The Committee was abolished in 1930.

Minutes 1890-1930

Trustees of the Stornoway District of Roads minute book 1866-1890

Trustees of Stornoway District of Roads letter book 1884-1901

Valuation Rolls for Lewis District1899-1921

Parish of Stornoway Valuation Rolls 1921-1973

Parish and Burgh of Stornoway Valuation Roll 1938-1948

Parishes of Stornoway, Barvas, Loch and Uig Valuation Rolls 1958-1960

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