Liosta freumhan sgìre Uibhist a Tuath


Records made accessible through Tasglann nan Eilean Siar


Unless otherwise stated, the following archive collections are stored in Stornoway.  Subject to their physical condition making them suitable to travel, they may be made accessible through the Comhairle’s library and museum service across the islands.  Full catalogues are available on request.




            1          Local Government Records

            2          Schools

            3          Deposited records

            4          Other sources




North Uist Parish Council

Established in 1845, Parishes (or Parochial Boards as they started out) were responsible for raising and administering poor relief.  North Uist Parish Council was abolished in 1930 with its powers transferring to Lewis District Council.

Minutes 1915-1927

Applications for parochial relief 1898-1926

Record of applications for poor relief 1930-1948 (closed for 75 years)

General Registers of the poor 1860’s-1927

Payroll 1903-1931 (The years of 1931-1961 are closed for 75 years)

Inspector’s Day Cash Book 1901-1930

Cash book with public assistance accounts 1932-1936

Inspector’s General Ledger 1903-1930

Record of applications for transitional payments 1931-1935

North Uist Public Assistance Committee cash Book 1936-1942

North Uist Public Assistance Committee day cash book 1942-1959

North Uist Public Assistance Committee Additional Ailment Book 1934-1945


North Uist District Committee

The District Committee was established in 1890, undertaking functions on behalf of Inverness-shire County Council.  Its main responsibilities included roads and bridges and various local amenities that fell outwith the Parish Council’s remit.  The Committee was abolished in 1930.

Letter books 1912-1928

Cash book 1912-1925

Cash ledger 1890-1927

Roads Minute Books 1898-1930

Scroll Minute Book 1893-1912

Public Health Minute Books 1890-1930


North Uist District Council

North Uist District Council was established in 1930 to serve as local agents for Inverness shire County Council.  Responsibilities included public health, nursing, housing, roads, harbours, water supply and drainage but excluded police and education.  It was abolished in 1975 with its powers transferring to the newly formed Comhairle nan Eilean.

            Minute books 1930-1947

Letter book 1930-1931

Postage book 1944-1945

Loose papers 1932-1946

Inverness-shire County Council Parish of North Uist Cash Books 1935-1951

Long Island Combination Poorhouse, Lochmaddy

Although situated in North Uist, the poorhouse in Lochmaddy covered the entirety of Harris, the Uists and Barra and was financed by the parishes of Harris, North Uist, South Uist and Barra.

Minute books 1875-1942

Letter books 1914-1933

Cash books 1910-1930

Ledgers 1886-1930


Graveyards are owned and maintained by the community:

Kilmuir:            Records held by cemetery clerk


2          SGOILTEAN


NB:      Log books are closed to public access for 35 years; admission registers for 100 years from the last entry in the volume


North Uist log books are held in Lionacleit Library


Baleshare:                   Admission Register 1901-1982 (open 2083)

                                    Log books 1899-1976

                                    Log book 1976-1983 (open 2014)


Carinish:                      Records held by School


Claddach Kirkibost:     Log books 1885-1959


Glaic:                           Log books 1895-1961


Grimsay:                     Log books 1880-1964

                                    Log book 1964-1988 (open 2018)


Heisker:                       Log books 1883-1942

                                    Cleaning register 1907-1942


Kallin:                          Log books 1908-1952

                                    Log book 1952-1988 (open 2018)


Locheport:                   Records held in Carnish School


Lochmaddy:                Log books 1877-1945


Lochportain:                Admission Register 1925-1968 (open 2069) kept in Stornoway

                                    Log books 1925-1968 (microfilm available at Lionacleit School)


Paible:                         Records not held


Tigharry:                      Log Books 1874-1967

                                    Log book 1967-1988 (open 2019)

                                    Register 1885

                                    Register 1909

                                    HMI Reports 1930-1931


Trumisgarry:               Log Books 1876-1948


North Uist School Board / Lewis District Education Sub Committee

North Uist School Board was established in 1873. In 1919 the North Uist Education Sub-Committee was formed to take over its role.  The committee’s functions were absorbed into the Education Department of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar in 1975.


School Board of North Uist Minute Book 1893-1919

School Board of North Uist Scroll Minute Book 1898-1910

North Uist School Management Committee Minute Book 1924-1947

North Uist School Management Committee Letter Book 1919-1934

North Uist School Board Cash Book 1898-1915

North Uist School Board Ledger 1901-1914

School Board of North Uist abstract Book 1906-1916


3          CLÀRAN EILE


4          FREUMHAN EILE

There are many collections of useful archives held in private or voluntary group hands relating to the Barvas area.  There is no statutory right of access to these records but many custodians are willing to aid researchers. The following organisations may well be worth contacting for help with your research.  Further details can be found at http://www.tasglann.org.uk

North Uist Historical Society

North Uist Historical Society was formed in 1987 and over the years, has collected many artefacts and archives regarding the area. They area responsible for organising the heritage events and displays which take place in Taigh Chearsabhaigh.

Berneray Historical Society

Berneray Historical Society are a great source to remember. They hold a school admission register themselves which dates from 1838-1940, plenty copies of old photographs and papers on a police case from 1921 regarding land raids.

Taigh Chearsabhaigh

Taigh Chearsabhaigh is an art gallery and museum situated in Lochmaddy in North Uist. It has a lot to offer and is well worth a visit or enquiry. www.taigh-chearsabhagh.org

            Local churches

Church records can be a useful resource for researchers.  Where they survive they are still held by the churches

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