Ness Historical Society


Cross School, the home of Ness Historical Society


Ness Historical Society was established in 1977. Its mission is to to preserve and promote the history, language, culture and heritage of the Ness to Ballantrushal area for the benefit of the local community, its visitors and future generations.

In December 2010 the Society became an accredited museum and in November 2011 they moved from their home in Habost to the former Cross Primary School.

Publications produced by the Society include a local phone book that included people's patronymics and their quarterly magazine Criomagan.  The Society runs an active programme of events and exhibitions.

Archive collections

  • Croft histories including photographs and genealogies
  • Archive subject files on crofting, war, fishing, boats and other local topics
  • Records of Taigh Dhonnchaidh, music and arts centre
  • Records of Ness Hall, community hall
  • Records of Cross School
  • Personal papers of local families and individuals
  • Records of Ness Funeral Fund
  • Oral history collection


Museum/archive address

Old Cross School, Cross, Ness, Isle of Lewis

Opening times



Anne Macleod


01851 810 377





Geographic coverage Eoropie, Fivepenny, Knockaird, Port of Ness, Skigersta, Adabrock, Lionel, Habost, Swainbost, Cross, North Dell, South Dell, Galson, Borve, Borve (Melbost), Shader, Ballantrushal



Cornelia Hughes | Dec 27, 2017

I am trying to find as many photos as I can of Murdo Morrison, who was born 14 November 1956, and lived at 22 North Dell. He was my partner for many years, and I loved him dearly. He died on Christmas Eve, He was a very private person, so, to ease my grief, I am compiling a memorial to him... any photos would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Annette Wilson | Aug 20, 2017

Hello, my grandfather Murdo Mackenzie was born in Eoropie in March 1882. His family lived at 36 Eoropie. I am interested in finding information about his early life on Lewis, eg: school, lifestyle, when he left etc. are any of these records kept at the Ness Historical Society? I am happy to pay for any research - living in Australia it is difficult - jus wondering if you could point me in the right direction regarding research...I do have a cousin who still lives in Eoropie and visited him in 2011. We visited your museum and it was fabulous! I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Annette Wilson

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